Agata Dijkstra


Agata has supported me through a challenging transition period in my life. As a new mum, going back to work and trying to fit together the different pieces of my identity proved extremely difficult and brought up many deeper issues and past traumas. Agata has offered tools and approaches to help me to trust myself, value my own voice, and take better care of myself. I am deeply grateful for all of the help she has given me.

Agata is a great counsellor. She helped me through a challenging time in my life by listening to my concerns and worries and assisting me through them. I would happily recommend anyone going through a traumatic time to use her as a sounding board!

Agata is a person who listens to you attentively and is very focused on what you say, which gives you a sense of security and trust. Thanks to her, I attempted to overcome my fears and prejudices about certain things. I carry in my wallet all the time a motivational card that Agata recommended me to write.

She also has a lot of interesting and useful exercises to offer, so you can learn a lot about yourself and, of course, discuss your thoughts/concerns in sessions. I really appreciate the help I got from Agata and I finally started to do something with my life.

Last year, I found myself at a big crossroad in my life. Most of the time, I felt overwhelmed by strong emotions and confused. As a result I could hardly manage my days and nights. A friend of mine recommended Agata to me and already after the very first session, I felt listened to, I mean really listened to, and acknowledged so that our sessions became my getaway. I honestly felt Agata took a genuine interest in my issues so that I found strength and direction after just a few meetings. One year later, I am in control of my own life. I feel strong and able to face whatever may come thanks to her work. Deep gratitude, Agata!

When I first met Agata I had lost all confidence in myself. My self-esteem was at the lowest it had ever been. I lost my job when corona started and my partner decided I was not the one for him. I work in hospitality and this sector was closed due to COVID so I had a major emotional breakdown. Having Agata as my counselor helped me regain my focus. She helped me work through intrusive thoughts and made me see myself again. I learned to rationalize my thoughts, just hearing yourself say something out loud to someone can bring clarity. Making me see my strengths and talents and getting my mind out of this negative spiral I was in. We also dealt with things from the past that triggered this emotional breakdown and I learned how to work with these emotions. An amazing experience for me.

The counseling sessions with Agata have helped me to endure the most difficult phase in my life. I also learned a lot from the counseling.

***All testimonials are anonymous to protect clients' confidentiality.

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