Agata Dijkstra
Work with me

Work with me

You do not have to keep going through the pain alone

When you find yourself in a place where a black hole is staring at you and you feel overwhelmed and powerless, it is very tempting to disconnect from your pain. Your brain will look for familiar shortcuts to suppress the feelings. You might think you are stuck or think you are faulty, these reactions are natural and are your best attempt to survive. Even more so if you have experienced trauma in the past.

Carrying the weight of these protective armors is difficult and exhausting. Letting go of them is not easy and requires you to open yourself up in ways that feel unfamiliar. However there is great reward in vulnerability and loyalty to yourself. You can shed what does not serve you and build upon it, not hide from it. This can be your way of honoring your truth and serving your most authentic self. You can go from surviving to thriving.

Cracked road

When the going gets tough

Adversities and challenges can affect every aspect of your life. When you are struggling or are in crisis it can be hard to think straight. You might become overwhelmed with your pain and emotions, and your thoughts keep buzzing. You may even feel hopeless, but you are not beyond help. You have the power to get through this, often times your competence is hidden behind underlying patterns, inhibitions, and the work of your inner critic.

In my role as a counselor, I will help you understand the origins of your specific struggles and address your inner conflict. Together we will examine your learned behavior and through the processing of your emotions it will bring peace and acceptance as well as ensure lasting change. I am a facilitator that helps you find your own answers and activate your self-healing ability.

How I work

I offer a safe and confidential space where you can explore yourself and your life circumstances. I work with you to see what is blocking your innate potential, so you can express yourself and authentically live your life. You will be able to explore all of your parts that are inextricably linked and continuously influence each other. These include behavior, emotions, cognitions, and your body. That exploration will bring insight and a deeper understanding of your patterns, deeper motives as well as inner obstacles. Allowing you to change your limiting beliefs and free yourself from emotional blocks.

I draw from an integrative approach which means I use a variety of tools that I tailor to your individual needs. That also means that you will be able to address the different parts of yourself. In my practice, I believe in catalyzing self-healing and self-discovery, as you are the expert on yourself and your needs.



Initial consultation

The purpose of this free session is to explore your needs, what you wish to work through and to discuss how I might be able to help you. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the way forward. If we are both happy to proceed, we would then agree on a number of sessions to begin with.


Typically sessions last 60 minutes. The length of your trajectory and the number of sessions is tailored to you and what you are looking for from our time together. We will regularly review the process and your goals.


Private in-person and online session of 60 minutes costs EUR90.

For companies: in-person and online session of 60 minutes: EUR120 (excl. VAT).


In-person sessions

Our sessions take place in the center of Rotterdam.

Online sessions

Video call sessions are available from the comfort of your own home.