Agata Dijkstra


Humanizing organizations by promoting health and wellbeing

Truly championing mental health and staff wellbeing creates a positive working environment where individuals and the organization can thrive. Optimal wellbeing and health of the employees can be a core enabler of employee engagement and organizational performance.

Work-related stress

The “healthy stress” ensures that people can be extra alert and respond adequately to what is happening around them. However, if stress persists for a long time and no recovery takes place, it can prevent employees from being fully focused and doing their best work. In the long run, it can lead to more sick days and burnout. While stress symptoms and burnout are not always related to work, their negative effects spill over into every area of life, including work.


Support for employee and employer

If you notice that your employee takes more sick days, suffers from chronic stress, or shows burnout symptoms, your timely support is crucial. Seeking professional help is an important first step in recovery. Prevention and burnout recovery are imperative. I can help your employee through this difficult phase and guide you as an employer in this process.


Burnout prevention and recovery

Employee coaching for burnout prevention and burnout recovery, including reintegration guidance and relapse prevention plan.


Stress management and wellbeing

Teams sessions with the goal to support employees in pursuing their ideal work-life balance and in equipping managers to prevent burnout.

Organizational wellbeing strategy

How to promote mental health and wellbeing, and make it a part of the company’s culture, including identifying potential health risks.

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