A safe place to honor your truth

A safe place to honor your truth

Lean into your strengths and learn how to live authentically

Your challenges

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Navigating change and adversity

I get overwhelmed when trying to think about doing things differently and moving forward. I know change is needed but I feel I am not strong enough to endure this process and I just sit and wait for the storm to pass.

Overwhelm and helplessness

I sometimes experience overwhelming feelings of sadness and despair and sometimes I feel absolutely numb to everything around me and inside me.

Stress and anxiety

I'm stressed and my thoughts won't stop buzzing. I juggle too many balls at the same time as I can't prioritize them and I am afraid to fail. It is easier for me to say “yes” than to set boundaries and prioritize my own needs.

Stuck in the past

I want to find freedom from my past pains and let go of the limiting stories I have told myself. I do not want to feel imprisoned by my thoughts or behaviors or things that others made me believe in.

Clarity and purpose

I am feeling disconnected and need more clarity about my purpose and values to live more authentically. I want to know where my strengths lie and what I am good at to make conscious choices.


I feel invisible and as if I am fading into the background. I am surrounded by people I love but feel separate and lonely, with nobody to turn to when things get rough. I want to feel safe and settled within my own mind and in others’ lives too.

From surviving to thriving

Going through difficult times, life and work changes or a temporary lack of sense of purpose can feel overwhelming and is not easy to navigate. It might cause you to lose your sense of control and your overall wellbeing, and at times even the sense of who you are. You do not have to keep going through the pain alone, a counseling or a coaching program might help you work through it.

When working with me, you will receive professional support and I will help you deal with current difficulties and guide you along a path of positive change. I offer a safe and confidential space where you can explore yourself and your life circumstances. With those insights you can shed what does not serve you and instead of hiding from it, you can build upon it. This can be your way of honoring your truth and serving your most authentic self. You can go from surviving to thriving.

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Meet Agata

My name is Agata Dijkstra and I am a counselor and coach based in Rotterdam. After a long career in corporates as a communications and change management advisor, I have decided to follow my curiosity. Instead of dreaming, I courageously took steps to realize my passion. I retrained myself and now work in my trauma-informed private practice to support individuals and organizations. In my work, I draw on my professional training and personal experience.

I’m a Dutch-based expat, mom, wife, and a highly sensitive person who has fought my own battles and faced my complex trauma. Not with ease but always with hope and determination. I am committed to supporting others in their journey to feel empowered and unstuck. I believe everyone deserves a safe, nurturing, and inclusive space where they truly can be themselves.


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